Sam Kim, Your Weekend, 27 Feb 2010

Small Winemakers. Small is beautiful, isn’t it? Bill Clinton once said in a speech, “people the world over have always been more impressed by the power of example rather than example of our power.” As they say, it’s not the size that matters. Mind you, wines made by large companies often deliver more consistency and value for money than under-performing, small wine producers. And it’s not easy keeping up with the 600 or so small wine producers in New Zealand. This is a brief look at just five among the many great artisan winegrowers.

Misha’s Vineyard in the Bendigo district of Central Otago is a new comer with huge enthusiasm and careful planning to capture the special climate, soil and aspect of the spectacular vineyard overlooking Lake Dunstan. Established by Andy and Misha Wilkinson, they have hired two of the best in the business to do it right from the very beginning: Robin Dicey for viticulture and Olly Masters for winemaking. It’s early days but the wines are already looking refined and stylish.

Misha’s ‘Lime Light’ Riesling feels as light as fluffy clouds; the ‘High Note’ Pinot Noir is warm and sumptuous with subtle spicy flavours: a superstar in the making.

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Dress Circle’ Pinot Gris 2009. Gorgeous pear and nectarine flavours with a lush palate. A knockout pinot gris. $27.00.
(Sam Kim, Your Weekend, 27 Feb 2010)