We're on a wonderful journey in the most spectacular part of New Zealand. When we started this adventure our objective was to create something really special and our motto was, and will always be, "no compromise."

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our most ambitious adventure

About Us

Our Journey

Misha’s Vineyard grew from a passion for wine and a passion for marketing. Our professional lives took us to Singapore in 1993 where we had regional executive roles in marketing …

Sustainable Winegrowing

Misha’s Vineyard Wines is committed to best practices in all levels of vineyard management and wine production. We are fully certified “Sustainable” under the New Zealand Winegrowers certification program and …

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Restaurant & Cafe Magazine

Grape to Glass, July 2018. Misha Wilkinson took a giant plunge with her first steps in the wine industry, opening Misha’s Vineyard with her husband Andy. After working a high-stress …

South-East Asia Soujourns

Misha Wilkinson – July 2018 In mid-June, Olly Masters (our winemaker) and I flew to Singapore to embark on South-East Asia soujourn to visit with some of our wonderful wine …