The Vineyard

TH-120207-2248The Vineyard

Our sun drenched north-west facing terraces give us one of the warmest sites in the region with the slopes and gullies providing excellent cool air drainage minimizing any risk of frost.

Stretching from 210 to 350 metres above sea level, the plantings are predominantly on three levels of gently sloping terraces with just one steep face (the ‘ski slope’) where the rows run dramatically down to the lowest terrace poised just above Lake Dunstan.

The diversity in the soils, various levels and meso-climates, different row orientations, as well as the range of clones planted, enable complexity in the wines that few single vineyards can match. Our land is also located within a zoned protection area due to the ‘outstanding landscape’ features including schist outcrops, steep escarpments, and gullies filled with native manuka and wild grasses.

Our first priority with the vineyard is careful stewardship of this spectacular land. The vineyard is farmed according to the strict regime of sustainable farming practices and we ensure that vine health is never ever compromised.


Dr Richard Smart – “The Flying Vine Doctor”
One of the world’s foremost vineyard consultants

explore_pic2Sheltering Young Vines

The location of Misha’s Vineyard is prone to unusually strong wind during spring and early summer due to the effect of the mountains which cause a channelling of airflow along the valley and lake.

A positive factor with wind is that disease is minimized, especially botrytis, and it can also be a natural devigorator. However on the negative side, it can slow canopy growth and cause damage to young vines.

When the second stage of the vineyard was planted on the most wind-prone of the lakefront slopes, our viticulturalist, Robin, found a solution to mitigate the negative effects of this wind through an innovative application of shelter cloth normally used in orchards.

Robin’s idea was to stretch the shelter cloth along every fourth row to give some wind protection. This provided optimal growing conditions for our young Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines reducing any wind damage and improved the flowering, fruit set and yield.As the vines have matured and strengthened, the cloth has been removed.

Misha’s Vineyard is certified under the Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand certification.