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Lyric – Riesling


Lyric is the songlike quality in poetry, the pleasing succession of sounds in music, and a lyric soprano is a voice of light and unforced quality. So it’s the perfect name for a wine that is pure, expressive yet restrained.

Food Match

This dry Riesling is refreshing and perfect to enjoy just on its own but this style is also extremely versatile when it comes to food pairing and of all the white wines, this one will match the widest variety of flavours. The very best pairing options are seafood and shellfish, fruit dishes, pork, smoked meats, and anything that’s a little spicy.

2019 Vintage

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2016 Vintage

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2015 Vintage

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2013 Vintage

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2012 Vintage

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2011 Vintage

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2010 Vintage

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2009 Vintage

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