Misha’s February feature in Wine Business Magazine

New Zealand – the 85% ruleWBM Cover Feb 13

It’s probably no surprise that New Zealand produces a lot of Sauvignon Blanc but it may be surprising to know that it comprises almost 85% of New Zealand’s wine exports. It has certainly been a beachhead in terms of putting New Zealand on the map as a wine producing nation. How else could a country that produces less than 0.8% of the world’s wine make an impact without that single-minded focus?

Misha looks at the performance of New Zealand wine in its three largest export markets to understand how it has been able to continue grow market share and preserve premium price points in spite of the GFC impacts, a strong Kiwi dollar and a move to value-based wine purchases globally. New Zealand certainly seems to have navigated the financial obstacles of global exports markets better than its neighbour Australia – find out why?

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