Misha’s January/February feature in Wine Business Magazine

Second Fiddle

How many wine brands create a second brand – one that plays second fiddle to the leading brand? And why do companies create a separate identity rather than developing different tiers within the main brand? More interestingly why have so many euphemisms for a ‘second brand’ been developed? Presumably the concern is that the term implies something that’s second-rate and therefore inferior and undistinguished.

Misha talks to Pegasus Bay, Palliser Estate, Ata Rangi, and Wither Hills to understand how these wine producers are leveraging an additional brand to take advantage of specific markets or segments or using alternate brands as a way of managing excess fruit, fruit from younger vines, or just leveraging their additional winery capacity. Whether it’s a sister brand, a brand-at-a-different-price-point, or just a different label, there seems to a variety of approaches that can work.

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