Auckland Rotary Taste Misha’s Vineyard wines at FWDC

Set up for a Tasting_FWDC April 2014 25987We work closely with the owners and staff at the Fine Wine Delivery Company (FWDC) – we love the team there. In fact, owners, Jeff and Virginia Poole, have a lot to do with why we now own a vineyard! One of the sales team, Joseph, had a regular customer (who’s a member of Rotary) enquire if it would be possible to hold a casual evening for some of the members of her branch of Rotary who didn’t know a lot about wine but were keen to learn.

Joseph arranged a evening on the main floor of Fine Wine Delivery Company’s large and stylish premises and chose the range of Misha’s Vineyard wines to take the group through “because I think there is a wonderful story behind the winery and team and each of the wines is a very honest expression of each varietal”. Gosh – thanks Joseph. As Joseph explained, he had enjoyed the Misha’s Vineyard wine dinner at which Andy had hosted at FWDC a few months earlier and had loved the stories and the wines.

Set up for a Tasting_FWDC April 2014 35909The tasting went well with each of the wines having their own little fan base. “At the end people were almost arguing about which was the best – there was a couple who were absolutely raving about the Riesling. The Pinot Gris seemed to be the winner of the night though” says Joseph. “A man even took home a dozen”!

So everyone learned about tasting wine, tried a range of different varietals, discovered a little about Misha’s Vineyard and some even went home with a few extra bottles for some further education later!

Thanks for hosting the group Joseph and also for choosing Misha’s Vineyard range of wines! We love the support of the team at FWDC.