Misha’s July feature in Wine Business Magazine

Show of HandsWBM Cover July 2013

What’s your understanding of the term handmade when it comes to wine? Is it the same as handcrafted? In fact there’s a whole host of hand-related terms when it comes to growing grapes and making wine. So does the intervention of a hand necessarily mean the wine is better? Perhaps having the term ‘handcrafted’ on a wine label is just a good marketing tactic in attracting a price premium. One assumes if it’s designated as ‘handmade’ or ‘handcrafted’ it’s going to be wine produced on a small-scale by a boutique vineyard – but is that necessarily the case?

This month Misha talks to Pernod Ricard, New Zealand’s largest Sauvignon Blanc producer as well as a number of boutique vineyards to find out if there’s any consensus as to what constitutes hand-crafted wine and if it’s worth all the effort.

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