Misha’s Vineyard Pinot Noir Served at the Best of the Best

Best of the Best Fair 2013 on Diamond Island

On November 30th 2012, the Robb Report, staged a one night ‘sneak preview’ of the Best of the Best Fair 2013 on Diamond Island, in Ho Chi Minh City where Misha’s Vineyard “The High Note” Pinot Noir was served to guests in premium Riedel glassware. The Robb Report magazine, positioned as the authority on luxury brands and lifestyle, has become a key resource for ultra-affluent consumers globally and is now expanding their focus on the growing luxury market in Vietnam.

The Riedel stand with Misha's Vineyard "The High Note" Pinot Noir
This sneak preview, a pre-cursor to a much bigger event that will be staged in 2013, was an ‘invitation only’ black tie for 250 guests so they could discover what the ‘Best of the Best’ was all about. Fifteen brands, one from each of the luxury market segments, were invited to participate and those brand names included Audi, fashion brand Christian Louboutin, watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, Standard Chartered Bank, and Champagne Taittinger. Also exhibiting was Austrian glassware company Riedel, makers of the finest wine glasses for over 250 years, who in turn selected Misha’s Vineyard Pinot Noir as one of just three wines to demonstrate the benefits of serving premium wine in the appropriate Riedel glass.

Savouring the fine wine
This is the second time Misha’s Vineyard Pinot Noir has been selected by Riedel when demonstrating their premium glassware. “We are huge believers in using the appropriate glassware to serve good wine” says Misha Wilkinson. “We always knew having the right glasses was important but after attending one of the full Riedel glassware demonstrations in Singapore last year, we really appreciated the profound difference that is made to a wine when served in the appropriate glass – or more importantly, we realized how much a wine can suffer from being served in the wrong glass!”

“We love working with Riedel as not only do they have a great product but they are wonderful to work with so we’re keen to continue our partnership. Presenting some of New Zealand’s best Pinot Noir in the world’s best glassware is simply ’the best in the best’ added Misha.