First Clonal Comparison for the 2011 Season

Rich_01Vineyard Manager Rich Williams provides an up-close view of the varietals on Misha’s Vineyard as we go through the last month of the ripening season.

Hi All, Last year the regular photo comparison updates were very popular with wine industry ‘insiders”, sommeliers, wine enthusiasts and people just generally interested in seeing how the grapes develop. We hope this provides a good pictorial view of how the various varietals develop over the last part of the season. If you wish to look back on last year – these posts are still available in our archives. As you will see, they are a lot different to last year and out of interest I weighed each bunch before I tossed them away. The weight of each bunch is listed after the photos.

A comparison of our clones March 1st 2011
A comparison of our clones March 1st 2011

Top Block
PN 5 180g
PN 115 200g
PN 667 186g
PN 5 220g
PN 667 178g
PN 777 150g
PN 5 257g
PN 115 175g
PN 777 174g

High Wire
PG 2/15 223g
PN 777 166g
PN 667 245g
RS 239 180g

Fruit Bowl
GWZ 456 165g
RS 239 130g
GWZ 456 185g

Dress Circle
PG 2/15 308g
PG Barrie 234g
PG 2/15 213g

Lake Front
PN 6 225g
PN 667 290g
PN 6 248g
PN Abel 252g

Ski Slope
PN 6 259g
SB MS 197g

House Block
RS 110 124g
RS 110 104g
RS 198.19 95g
RS 110 98g
PN 114 209g
PN 4 125g


Rich Williams