Misha’s Vineyard Marketing Update

Posted on January 16th 2010

Bogart & Misha
Bogart & Misha
An update from Misha
The year has started brilliantly and we’re sure 2010 will be a good one for Misha’s Vineyard. It’s a tricky season in terms of weather at the vineyard as you’ll see from Rich and Robin’s update below but with a great fruit set and good bunch conformation things are actually looking very promising although harvest will more than likely be later this year due to the cooler temperatures.

Although we’ve only had distribution partner Negociants New Zealand for such a short time, we’re amazed at the results they have achieved so far! We have some wonderful restaurant listings in Auckland which include Bracu Restaurant, Clooney’s, La Zeppa, The Grove and Soul Bar as well as many premium retail outlets thanks to the work by Dale, Kirsten, Morven, Richard & Sheryle. And down south, Noel & AJ are working hard to ensure Misha’s Vineyard is listed all the right places as well. We love working with Negociants and we’re planning some promotional activities with them through the year.

Meanwhile in Singapore things are busy as we work with distributor, Rubicon Reserve Wines, who have us visiting most of the top hotels in Singapore over the next couple of weeks. We’re also doing a wine event for the American Association at Graze on the 21st January and hosting a Misha’s Vineyard Wine Dinner at Amici Restaurant on the 27th January. (www.amicirestaurant.com.sg)

Right after the Wine Dinner in Singapore, Andy and I depart for New Zealand to attend Pinot Noir 2010 in Wellington, then a quick trip for me to Melbourne, and then we’re at the vineyard for the rest of February.

So things are busy and we’re travelling a lot, but life is good! Misha