Vineyard Update

An update from Vineyard Manager Rich Williams

Vineyard Manager, Rich Williams
Vineyard Manager, Rich Williams

26 Nov: Well all shoot thinning has been completed! We finished the last of it early today so double thumbs up. Just in time for flowering which is starting about now. We had blooms in the Clone 6 Ski Slope on Monday and has proceeded though the Lake Front Block to the young 114 on the House Block this week. This year it seems we are a week to 10 days earlier from what I hear from others. All bud rubbing has been completed and herbicide spraying up to date. Wires have been lifted to the first position to support the shoots as they grow. And also Steve has finished the mow so looking tidy. I can’t say I have enjoyed the winds lately as they are tentatively blowing the tender shoots around. Still a bit early to raise a second tuck wire though no doubt after flowering their sockets will toughen up a bit and then I can relax!

Today the crew were removing flowering inflorescence from the young vines to get them to advance their vegetative growth and provide healthy canes for their first crop next season. Sai and myself have been replacing the odd dead vine in there that has not made it through the winter. Also tape gunning is in full progress to help support the young plants that have really taken off since the last time we were through. Very happy with how they are going in there.

The soil is starting to dry out a tad after all these hot North-westers. Keeping the water up to them the season will be key before veraison so that they do not terminate their tip growth too early.

The plan tomorrow is to finish cleaning up around the old Gold Miners hut and then perhaps a BBQ and wine tasting for the staff! Starting to look great with the addition of a few tussocks.