Happenings on Misha’s Vineyard

Hi all – Rich here. Just an update on how the vineyard is progressing at the moment.

I have been doing some colouring in – see attached map of bud-break for a better understanding of how the vineyard is progressing. Red means more advanced, yellow is less advanced and shoot size was really just an estimation. It may not be that easy to see here but it’s really good at full size!

Budbreak Map
Budbreak Map

These advanced areas seem to be mainly in respect of soil temperature (though no measurements taken) which are primarily around rises in the contours of the land. The earliest bud push was observed in the Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Gewürtz (Fruit Bowl), Pinot Gris (Dress Circle) and in the Pinot Noir (House Block) and generally the cane pruned vines in the mid-section of the vineyard.

We had a number of days during the earlier part of the week where air temperatures were a lot colder than normal, which slowed growth considerably and caused leaves to turn yellow and rough as a ‘badgers backside’. Now that the sun is out, things are back to the usual pace. I have noticed over the last couple of days the growth of the early pushers has slowed and overall the growth is evening up. The Lakefront block of Pinot Noir has started to crank up (especially the well-pruned ones!) which is probably the early signs of vigour.

Robin has given the go ahead to start shoot thinning the young Pinot Noir and Sav Blanc when we feel the need. I have done a small amount of thinning (5 rows) in the young Pinot Noir already and all seems straight forward and it will give them some good advance if worked on early. The young Riesling is further behind the Pinot Noir so it can be done at a later stage. Then we can move over and start attacking the Ski Slope. We still have plenty of time up our sleeves so no real pressure to get underway.

We are getting some good replies to the ad for vineyard staff in the Bulletin. Health and safety information is all prepared in folder for the viewing pleasure of future Misha’s vineyard workers. A great read!

Anyway, everything is sorted here at Ground Control. (Rich)