“The Gallery” Gewürztraminer Cellar Release


These vintage releases of our Gewürztraminer have aged to perfection! Known as one of the classic wines to cellar – Gewürztraminer develops stunning rich but smooth character without losing the fresh finish that the cool climate acidity offers.


Whether in a theatre gallery or art gallery, it’s a place where one’s senses are aroused. A flamboyant variety like Gewürztraminer also makes an emphatic appeal to the senses with its exotic and perfumed bouquet and lingering finish.

2008 Vintage
“This wine has a deep inviting nose with intense aromas of mango and pink grapefruit, as well as the classic varietal notes of lychee and fragrant rose petal. These aromas carry right through on the palate and finish of the wine. It is off-dry in style and has a rich warm silken texture with a hint of citrus acidity”.

2009 Vintage
A typically intense and expressive nose of spice, guava, watermelon and honeysuckle, all of which carry through onto the off-dry palate where the sweet floral notes balance this wine of subtle power and great persistence.

2010 Vintage
“With a fragrant and expressive nose of rose petal, lychee and pink grapefruit, the palate of this off-dry style is gentle and fine with lingering hints of nougat and spice”.

2011 Vintage
Typically intense, this wine welcomes with an open, lifted perfume of rosewater and a hint of spice. It is an off-dry style which dances across the palate with silken texture and then lingers with freshness and cooling florals.

2012 Vintage
“A multi-layered bouquet with exotic aromas of honeysuckle, cinnamon stick and fragrant lilies followed by deeper notes of honey, nougat and hazelnut, this off-dry wine has an elegant silky palate which lingers with a hint of cooling florals”.

2013 Vintage
The nose opens with perfumed and complex floral aromas, followed by richer notes of sliced ginger, cinnamon, liquorice and baked apricot. The gentle palate displays an array of florals from rose petal to white lily contrasted with a hint of citrus freshness and spice with a delicate fruit sweet finish.

2014 Vintage
With exotic aromas of Turkish delight, orange zest and five-spice, the off-dry palate is gentle and creamy with notes of spice and musk over a mango juice sweetness but also has a refreshing quality due to the wine’s natural acidity.

2015 Vintage
With fragrant aromas of rose water, nougat and almond croissant, the off-dry palate is full but gentle with a hint of sweet muscat grapes balanced by a crisp citrus acidity and a soft liquorice finish.

2016 Vintage
With exotic aromas of ginger spice, cardamom and rose petal florals, this off-dry style of Gewürztraminer has an elegant silky palate with a hint of Turkish delight on the finish.

2018 Vintage
With exotic aromas of ginger, aniseed and nutmeg, this off-dry style has a gentle but full-bodied palate and a warm spicy finish with lingering mint and liquorice notes.

2019 Vintage
Showing classic varietal aromas of rose petal, cinnamon and lychee, the off-dry palate has notes of ginger and orange blossom which linger with a flinty mineral freshness.

2020 Vintage
Intense and exotic aromas of rose petals and orange zest with notes of cardamon spice and bergamot, the off-dry palate is dense yet ethereal with an endless finish.