“Limelight” Riesling Cellar Release


We are sorry but due to high demand, many of the back vintages of our Limelight Riesling that have been released have been sold out.

Some of our earliest vintages of our award winning Limelight Riesling that have been rated in the top Riesling in the world. These are drinking beautifully now and have on-going cellaring potential. These wines have been carefully stored in temperature controlled conditions.


Something that’s ‘in the limelight’ is the focus of attention – which will certainly be the case with our Riesling! The name hints of its citrus lime top notes and gives an impression of the fresh and luscious fruit flavours beneath.

2008 Vintage
This wine leaps out of the glass with an aromatic intensity and complexity that melds crushed lime leaf, spice and flint. The medium-dry style produces a rich satisfying texture which is balanced by the refreshing pOre”citrus acid finish. An extra level of minerality is added by a portion of natural barrel ferment.

2009 Vintage
This medium-dry wine has intense aromas of kaffir lime, flint and gun-smoke. The palate opens with a burst of sweet ripe citrus fruit which lingers and then is refreshingly balanced by steely but delicate fresh acidity.

2010 Vintage
This elegant medium-dry Riesling has aromas of crushed lime, flint and five-spice. The palate is delicate yet vibrant and its ripe citrus sweetness is balanced by the coolness of white flowers.

2011 Vintage
This medium-dry Riesling has refreshing aromas of kaffr lime, lemongrass and jasmine. The delicate and lively palate is rich in flavours of sweet ripe citrus, lime juice and rockmelon which unfold across the palate. The fruit sweetness is balanced by fresh mineral acidity.

2012 Vintage
A medium-dry Riesling with kaffir lime, paw paw and sherbet aromas behind which a more flinty complexity exists. The palate begins with a delicate sweetness and refreshing honeysuckle acidity then finishes with hints of orange zest and sweet tropical fruit.

2013 Vintage
This medium dry Riesling has lifted floral and hazelnut aromas along with typical varietal notes of lime, lemon zest and flint. The delicate palate has a polished and vibrant acidity which is beautifully balanced by the sweetness. An elegant finish which lingers with hints of sweet red apple and meringue.

2014 Vintage
This medium-dry Riesling has aromas of lemon/lime sorbet mixed with notes of apple and cinnamon. The palate has a yin and yang effect of ripe sweetness balanced with vibrant citrus acidity. It’s a great example of the style that Central Otago produces so well.

2015 Vintage
This medium-dry Riesling has a complex nose of lime and smoky pine which draws you into an equally intriguing palate where sweetness is balanced by citrus acidity with hints of hazelnut and spice.

2016 Vintage
This medium-dry Riesling has complex aromas of lime zest, ginger and nutmeg and a palate with a yin and yang effect of ripe sweetness balanced with a citrus acidity.

2017 Vintage
A medium-dry Riesling with complex aromas of crushed lime, flint, anise and manuka honey, the delicate palate balances ripe sweetness with a fresh citrus acidity.

2018 Vintage
This medium-dry Riesling has classic aromatics of lime, citrus and flint with a refreshing lemon acidity, perfectly balanced by notes of sweet wild thyme honey.

2019 Vintage
With aromas of crushed lime, sherbet, mandarin and aniseed, this medium-dry Riesling has a yin and yang effect on the palate where the ripe sweetness is balanced by vibrant citrus acidity.

2020 Vintage
An enticing complexity of lime zest, white florals and sweet tropical fruits, the palate is medium-dry with
cinnamon and nutmeg notes balancing the fresh citrus acidity.