sauvignon blanc

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  • “The Starlet” – Sauvignon Blanc 2022


    Tropical fruit aromas of papaya and pineapple combine with exotic cardamon and bergamot spice notes,the palate has great fruit density with a lingering citrus finish.

    “There’s no mistaking the vibrato, quiver and variety as the bouquet of the wine hits the senses with grapefruit and peach, wild gooseberry and hay, wild flowers and white spice. . ….” Cameron Douglas MS

  • “The Starlet” Sauvignon Blanc Cellar Release


    While most expressions of Sauvignon Blanc are best enjoyed young, there are some that age beautifully and develop wonderful flavours and softness. The Starlet is one of these styles with the combination of rich fruit from the west facing slopes of the vineyard and the portion of the wine that is barrel fermented to add depth and mid-palate silkiness. These wines have been carefully stored in temperature controlled conditions and are perfect for special occasions.