Our Team At Misha’s Vineyard

Harvest 2021 team

It’s all about people!

When Misha and Andy started to set up the Misha’s Vineyard company, they knew this was going to be about people. People who were skilled in their field, passionate about wine, loved Central Otago and who wanted to be a part of a family business. Over the many years since starting, Misha’s Vineyard has been proud of the long term friends who are part of the team. Many of the Misha’s Vineyard team were involved right from the very start, as advisors and historians, winemaker Olly joined from the first vintage and has crafted every wine since. Each season numerous casual staff join the permanent vineyard crew in hand tending the vines through the growing season and into harvest. These wonderful people come from all corners of the world, from different countries, cultures and experiences. They all become a part of our past and of our future.