Misha’s Vineyard 2023 Harvest Report 17th Vintage


The 2023 Season (Bendigo, Central Otago)

Harvest 2023

Overall, it was an excellent season in Central Otago with warm temperatures and very little rainfall although it did have a few unusual features and surprises. Early in the season, some cool and cloudy weather impacted flowering which had us thinking it might result in a poor fruit set but that wasn’t an issue. The warm and settled conditions throughout the season enabled excellent canopy growth, there was much less impact from the usual seasonal winds, and we had some well-timed rain at the end of the season. All these factors resulted in above average berry weights, particularly in the Pinot Noir. Bunch numbers were also high from the previous season’s ideal conditions, and this resulted in a record total crop. Whilst positive, the conditions meant an extra level of vineyard management was required with multiple row passes, especially in the Pinot Noir, to ensure quality was maintained.

Harvest Team 2023

An early harvest was expected due to above average growing degree days (GDDs) but the cooler weather late in season was a welcome relief and resulted in a more normal picking window. Rain at the beginning of harvest provided early challenges for the picking crew but it had limited impact on fruit quality. We also experienced a near frost at the start of harvest but again our slopes prevented any significant canopy loss. Chipping ice out of harvest bins on the last few days of harvest also confirmed both the fruit and pickers were ready to go. GDDs this season were 1167.

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