Fox Block Eight Pinot Noir for the festive season!

The Fox Restaurant Concepts Olive & Ivy outlets are featuring Misha’s Vineyard Fox Block Eight 2010 Pinot Noir through the November and December festive season. The Fox Block blend was created by Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC) Wine Director Regan Jasper and Misha’s Vineyard Winemaker Olly Masters from premium 2010 Pinot Noir. Fox Block Eight Pinot Noir is sold across the 40+ FRC outlets in the US and has been receiving great reviews. Regan’s comment on launching this promotion was ” I know you already know this, but the wine is drinking awesome right now!!”

Kitchen team at The Arrogant Bucher FRC restaurant
The FRC restaurants include 12 different themed restaurant brands from Italian to steakhouses and gourmet burgers. Olive & Ivy is both a restaurant and marketplace in Scottsdale, Az. They say “You’ll enter your own little Mediterranean world the first moment you set foot in Olive & Ivy” based on the sunny patios and selection of fine wines and deli items. The group is continuing to expand with new restaurants opening across the US almost every quarter. We’re delighted to have our Pinot Noir as part of the Fox Restaurant range of wines and love to hear from our friends in the US when they dine out and find our Central Otago Pinot Noir is the premium wine on the table!