“Lyric” Riesling Cellar Release


Some of our earliest vintages of our Lyric Riesling that has been rated one of the top Riesling in New Zealand by wine critics and designated a “Classic Wine of New Zealand”. These vintage are drinking beautifully now and have on-going cellaring potential. These wines have been carefully stored in temperature controlled conditions.


Lyric is the songlike quality in poetry, the pleasing succession of sounds in music, and a lyric soprano is a voice of light and unforced quality. So it’s the perfect name for a wine that is pure, expressive yet restrained.

2009 Vintage
Off-dry in style, this wine has a steely brooding nose with aromas of pineapple and lime. The suggestions of weight and depth on the nose is confirmed by the palate which is gentle and rich but delivers a classical varietal expression of lime and mineral.

2010 Vintage
Our dry Riesling suggests lime sherbet on the nose with a palate that is crystalline but lingers with notes of ginger, spice and freshly squeezed citrus

2011 Vintage
This is a dry Riesling with a complex and intense bouquet of lemon sherbet, baked quince, freshly cut lime and mango. The palate is tight and pure with lingering lime juice acidity. Good fruit concentration shows with the wine’s extended finish and weight

2012 Vintage
A dry Riesling with aromas of baked apple, lime zest, rose petal and spice which are all combined with a fresh oyster shell complexity. The palate is focussed, yet gentle and rounded then finishes with a crisp mouthwatering lemon citrus brightness

2013 Vintage
Showing attractive aromas of lime blossom, baked spiced apple and a touch of liquorice. This dry Riesling has a refreshing citrus acidity yet remains gentle and flows elegantly across the palate finishing with lingering notes of sandalwood spice.

2015 Vintage
With a perfume of jasmine, mandarin and lime juice, this dry Riesling has a citrus freshness with a steely edge of the schist rock on which it’s grown and just a hint of sweetness.

2016 Vintage
A dry Riesling with fragrant aromas of Manuka honey, ginger, rose petals and roasted lime. The palate is focussed but lingers with notes of lemon honey and bright citrus.

2019 Vintage
Intensely complex aromas slowly unravel into lime, mandarin, spices and a touch of manuka honey. This dry style of Riesling has a palate that’s polished and poised with a fresh acidity.