Tim Parker

Tim Parker

Vineyard Manager

Tim Parker may well have ended up as a rugby star if it wasn’t for that time he lived in Adelaide working on a vineyard that sparked an interest in something off the rugby field!

An Oamaru boy by birth, Tim returned from Australia and continued working in the wine sector in the Waipara region initially with Bellhill Vineyard, Black Estate Winery and with the Accolade Wine Group where he managed vineyard blocks along with gaining some vintage experience. He then moved on to become Assistant Vineyard Manager for the 200-hectares of Camshorn and Omihi Vineyards under Pernod Ricard where his focus was predominantly on growing pinot noir along with riesling and pinot gris.

Moving further south to the Central Otago region, where he had spent a few years previously, Tim took on the Assistant Vineyard role with Akarua which has various vineyards across different sub-regions and where once again pinot noir was the focus.

So with fifteen years clocked up in the wine sector, qualifications including a Completed Apprenticeship in Viticulture (Level 4) and a National Certificate in Horticulture, and substantial experience in growing premium pinot noir (which he personally finds the most challenging as well as being the most rewarding variety), it was definitely time for Tim to take charge of a vineyard and we’re delighted he joined Misha’s Vineyard!

Tim is keen on fishing, boating and loves the outdoors so working on a vineyard next to Lake Dunstan is the ideal location!