Rebecca Leung, Sing Tao (Chinese Daily), Hong Kong, December 2010

Misha’s Vineyard Media Tasting

The high humidity and temperature in Hong Kong makes people sick when the heavy rain steadily pours down sometime. It’s good to cheer yourself up with a bottle of wine that is aromatic and with high acidity – for instance a white wine or rose which has been slightly chilled..

Wine has been categorized by its regions – grapes and the climate differences make a lot to the its feel and taste as well. A warm climate is favourable for red and the wines tend to be full-bodied and powerful with high level of alcohol, like Napa Valley of California and Hunter Valley of Australia, and the island of Sicily in Italy which are all famous regions with warm climate. Cool climate wine regions will produce good white wines with high acidity and an elegant style, mixed with a very fine mineral taste as well. For example like Mosel of Germany, Chablis of France, Tasmania of Australia and also Central Otago of New Zealand.

I had a chance to try the wines produced by Misha Vineyard at Bendigo, which were very good. Some of the white wines have a lovely flowery scent and they managed to control the maturity of the grapes creating a very good balance of acidity. They are good for the hot summer of Hong Kong. The Starlet Sauvignon Blanc has a nice hint of herbaceous flavours and an elegant acidity. This is good to be served before your meal. I personally love their Gewürztraminer – the most complex of the range. To serve it with appetizers would be a very nice treat!. The High Note Pinot Noir is inspiring and fruity. Keep it chilled for 15 minutes and it will surely brighten up the wine.