Jason Bryant, The Wine Vault, 15 Feb 2010

Misha’s Vineyard The High Note 2008. Sometimes I get a bit nervous about tasting someone’s wine that I have known for a while. This nervousness was unfounded and makes the story even better.

I have known Misha, albeit on Twitter, for about 8 months now. At first she suggested that I go buy her wines at Fine Wine Delivery Company in Auckland CBD. Well, you know me, I am not about to do that so I waited until now to taste them for Wine Vault TV. I had tasted the Pinot Gris a while back, since they started to distribute their wines through Negociants New Zealand, and found it to be a very smart wine, so smart that I would consider it one of the best to come out of Central Otago!

The Pinot Noir was always going to be a problem for me as I have a dislike of the spicy, almost Syrah like, Pinot Noirs that are produced there.

This wine was different, as was the Mount Edward, as it contained very little of the aforementioned character that I dislike. This wine was balanced with good gamey/savoury notes and full primary fruit that tickled the mind. Great wines and was really pleased that I tasted them, and no ‘No money has changed hands!’

(Jason Bryant, The Wine Vault, 15 Feb 2010)