Happenings on Misha’s Vineyard

An update from Rich Williams
Hi all – just a quick update on the vineyard. It’s amazing what a few days of warm weather can do – the vines now look the Springboks, according Robin, because they’re bright green and real winners! But I would have to disagree – I don’t think they’re quite as green as the Springboks, though their bent over tips do resemble the same sorry look!

Spring Shoots on the vines
Spring shoots on the vines

Their bent tips are a consequence of the winds over the last few days but the good news is that they have regained their taper again. We have been working hard on the young vines (2007 plantings) in the house block but our efforts to ‘shoot thin’ has been hampered due to these severe winds. We’ve had to give that added protection to the “young girls” cushioning the blows with help of tape-gun in hand. The wind has also been whistling around the windbreaks, knocking tips and shoots against wires but thankfully not too much damage. Previous to that we had three days of hot calm weather which sent the vines off on a rip roaring pace. From an early start the Sauvignon Blanc has now stalled a bit. We’ll wait and see how it develops bunch-wise before shoot thinning there.

Otagao Polytech works on the Miners Hut
Otago Polytech workers on the Miners Hut

All in all, it’s been a busy time with Steve and I working pretty hard on the vineyard. We will be joined by two more of our newly-hired permanent crew next week so that will make a difference and mid-month we’ll get a bigger crew in to help with the rest of the shoot thinning.

Work is well underway on the old stone hut in the top block. It is looking more and more like a ruins every day! Steve Holmes and his trainee stonemason crew from Otago Polytech are doing a great job. Rich. (Enjoy the pics from Robin).